Training Tips - The Moment of Truth: Impact

One of the most important aspects of golf is impact. Striking the ball and controlling the clubface through impact affects everything from ball flight to distance and direction.

This is something the pros understand very well. If you take a look at these four photos, you'll notice several similarities. Starting with the top of the body down, the first conversation is always about the eyes. It's not just about keeping your head down but keeping your eyes focused on the ball without blinking. Notice how each pro's eyes are down, watching the ball compress off the face, and they remain down well after the golfer has swung through the ball.

Proper Form is Key

To do this, your body has to rotate completely around the eyes. Moving your body in this way creates the proper the path for the arms to find the ball. In these photos, you'll notice how consistently the right hand is square at impact to the target. If you can allow the right hand to stay quiet—not turned over and not twisted—it facilitates the face of the club to also remain square to the target at impact.

Moving down to the core, all four photos show the same positioning. Each player's belly (not his hips) are facing the target. This can't be done without core rotation, but you don't need to lift your head to do it. Through impact, the eyes remain focused downward as the core rotates around the eyes.

Finally, look at the feet. The right heel is flat through impact to anchor the rotation. It only starts to come up after the core has fully rotated, twisting the body to create a follow through that drives the ball to the target.

So how do you get there? It starts with knowing how to do it, but it comes with practice. Start by working on impact without the velocity of the tour pro. Where do you want to be at the moment of truth? With focused eyes, quiet right hand, core rotation, and anchored feet. Once you become mechanically sound, you can begin to amp up the speed

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