"Great golf course. We loved playing here. Very professional people and pro shop. Would love to go there again."
-Jane P.

Tee Times



 GREENS AERIFICATION: Monday - Thursday May 3 - 6th

Hillcrest will have 9 holes available to play during this time.  If you reserve an 18 hole reservation, you will play the same 9 holes twice.



Online Tee Time Reservations will be available at 7pm starting on 4/23/2021

Reservations can be made for 7 days in advance

Therefore, at 7:00pm Sunday afternoon you can make a reservation for anytime the following Monday (7 days in advance) 

  • All Players are required to check-in at least 20 minutes prior tee time.
  • Hillcrest does not allow singles to reserve tee times.  Singles should call the Golf Shop to inquire about "walk-on" availability.
  • To CANCEL a tee time, you can use the online booking portal to cancel a pre-reserved time or you can call the Golf Shop at (970)247-1499.  Please cancel within 24 hours prior to the tee time.
  • Hillcrest Golf Club has a strict PACE OF PLAY policy.  All groups are required to keep up with the group in front and play in 2 hours and 5 minutes or less per 9 holes.
  • Each player must have their own bag and set of clubs.
  • Due to busy nature of our golf course, we pair groups together (2-somes with 2-somes) in order to create the best tee time availability for all of our golfing public.  Availability permitting, we do not make special accommodations to play alone.

  • All Alcohol consumed at Hillcrest must be purchased through Hillcrest.


Start Times 2021 Season

Open - April 15th: 10am (10:30am back 9)

April 16th - April 29th: 9:30am (10:00am back 9)

April 30th - May 13th: 9am (9:30am back 9)

May 14th - May 20th: 8:30am (9am back 9)

May 21st - May 27th: 7:30am (8am back 9)

May 28th - August 8th: 7am (7:30am back 9)

August 9th - August 29th: 7:30am (8am back 9)

August 30th - September 26th: 8am (8:30am back 9)

September 27th - October 10th: 9am (9:30am back 9)

October 11th - October 24th: 9:30am (10am back 9)

October 25th - Closing: 10am (10:30am back 9)