Tee Times

Happy Spring to our Hillcrest Golfing Community!

Online reservations can be made 7 days in advance of the current date. The tee times open at 7:00pm for reservations exactly 1 week from today (Sunday @ 7pm opens tee times for the following Monday).

Book a Tee Time

Please review the following documents prior to booking a tee time. Thank you!

2022 Tee Time Starts

DateStart Time
Opening Day (TBD) 10:00 am
Friday April 15 9:30 am
Friday April 29 9:00 am
Friday May 13 8:30 am
Friday May 20 7:30 am
Friday May 27 7:00 am
Monday August 8 7:30 am
Monday August 29 8:00 am
Monday September 26 9:00 am
Monday October 10 9:30 am
Monday October 24 10:00 am

Tee time starts are estimated dates and may change depending on the weather and playing conditions. 

 2022 Small Group Procedures

The following procedures will continue out trial testing program for the 2022 golf season for Small Group Consecutive Tee Times. After an evaluation of the 2021 trials program, the 2022 Ad-Hoc Tee Time Committee approved the following procedures:

CLICK HERE for th 2022 Small Group Tee Time Procedures Application

Please be aware that this program is available to ANY golfing group that desires to participate in the procedure. There is a strict limit to 2 groups per day of the week in order to ensure minimal impact to general public tee time bookings.

The purpose of the program is to try an eliviate golfers from booking more tee times than they need for play on the same day. In 2021, we saw a slight reduction to the "stress" of the online reservation system at 7pm on the days that we had small group reservations, providing slighly less demand on the reservation system overall. We are continuing to evaluate the effects in 2022.

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