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  • Hole 1

    The first hole is a relatively short par four that dog legs left and is paralleled by water on the left and out of bounds on the right. There are two bunkers on this hole, one is located on the right side of the fairway 90 yards out and the other is protecting the green on the right side. A true risk reward hole for the longer hitters in your group.
  • Hole 2

    Hole two is a downhill par four lined with trees which requires the player to hit a good drive. The green is elevated and protected by two bunkers on the right and left side of the front of the green. Try to keep your approach shot below the hole as the green slopes from back right to the front left.
  • Hole 3

    Number three is an uphill Par 5 with a bunker on the right side of the fairway forcing players to keep their drives on the left side of the fairway. Players can either layup or if you are feeling brave you can go for the green in two, but be warned this green is protected by two bunkers in the front and water all around the green. A favorable landing area lies between the two lakes. A severe sloped green from back to front can make for a difficult two-putt.
  • Hole 4

    Hole four is ranked the second hardest hole on the course and it is a long par four that doglegs slightly downhill to the left. Making it to the dogleg can prove difficult when the winds shift into your face. One bunker protects the front left of the green while another sits on the right side.
  • Hole 5

    Number five is the first Par 3 on the course. It is slightly uphill meaning you may have to club up depending on the wind. Two bunkers guard the approach of this hole. More slope to this green than most players can notice.
  • Hole 6

    The sixth hole is a short uphill par four which can be reached in one with a great shot but laying up to the top of the hill can give you a nice look at the green for your approach. Too far right and you are out of bounds, too far left and you'll find yourself searching through the fescue. Two bunkers protect the front of the green. This is one green that slopes front to back!
  • Hole 7

    Number seven is a Par four that doglegs to the right leading to an elevated and contoured green guarded by a bunker on the right. Don't leave your approach shot short or go long. This raised green makes this hole one of the more difficult short holes on the course.
  • Hole 8

    The eighth hole is one of the most unique Par 4s on the course. This hole doglegs 90 degrees to the left with a slightly elevated green. Players can try to cut the corner but may find themselves trying to navigate through some trees and bad lies. A deep set bunker adjacent to the green can make this hole play even more difficult.
  • Hole 9

    The ninth hole looks a lot easier than it is... The green is elevated and guarded by a bunker on the left. Locally known as the shortest Par 5 in the Southwest this tough little hole can make or break you. The severely sloped green can make even the shortest putt difficult.
  • Hole 10

    Number 10 is a straightaway Par 5 with and elevated and contoured green. This hole can be reached in two by long players but is protected by a bunker on the left. A great scoring opportunity after a few difficult holes.
  • Hole 11

    Another unique hole at Hillcrest, this hole is not only guarded by the two bunkers near the green, but also by a lone Pine tree in the middle of the fairway 50 yards from the green. This hole can be reached in one, but the player must execute good shot placement in order to have a chance to drive the green. Bunkers in the fairway also make laying up require a quality shot in order to have a good angle into the hole.
  • Hole 12

    The first Par 3 on the back 9 requires a player to execute a good shot over the water and on to the green. A bunker sits between the green and the water only increasing the urgency for a good shot. *Alternate tees sit on the back right of 11 green*
  • Hole 13

    The Par 4 Thirteenth arguably has the most beautiful view on the course but with that beauty comes a challenge. Players must execute an accurate drive in order to avoid fairway bunkers on the left. Your approach shot cannot be short as this contoured green has a devious false front and a bunker on the right. This green holds its own with various hidden breaks to it.
  • Hole 14

    Number 14 is a downhill par four that has a lake along the left side of the fairway while trees and out of bounds borders the right. An accurate drive can leave you with a good approach to a slightly elevated green guarded by one bunker on the right.
  • Hole 15

    The fifteenth hole is a Par 3 that requires an accurate long iron onto the green which has a bunker on the left. The views from the tees and green on this hole are spectacular so make sure to take it in while you can. This green, like many on the course, has a lot more break to it than it looks.
  • Hole 16

    Hole 16 is a severely uphill Par 4 that flattens out after the bunker on the right side of the fairway. It is best to get your drive on top of the hill so that you can have a clean shot at the green. Our biggest green on the course is fairly flat across the entire surface.
  • Hole 17

    This dogleg right is the longest Par 5 on the course is easily a round killer or finisher. A good drive is required as there is out of bounds on the right and water on the left.The second shot is just as important and difficult as the tee shot. Keeping the ball in the fairway can be a tough task on this hole. Longer hitters can reach this green in two but with out-of-bounds to the right, it can make you think twice. The green has a severe false front along with a ridge running through the middle of the green. Par on this hole is a great score!
  • Hole 18

    The closing hole holds its own with length coming into play. A long slight dog leg left par 4 is going to require a good tee shot to have an angle into this elevated green. Approach shots hopefully avoid the right greenside bunker and manage to cover the false front. Ever changing undulation on this green can sneak up on any talented golfer.

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